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              This Kapsul does not have an Introduction.
              The Meta Portrait, a cultural probe and method of inquiry that attempts to reveal unique insights into how we understand, experience, and represent identity. The project aims to simultaneously create both an individual and collective portraiture within a participatory framework, questioning the relationships between the author, subject, and viewer. It is envisioned that this project will potentially reveal unique insights into how we reflect ourselves in relationship to an other.

              Each set of images represents a collective portrait of the individual. Each image within a set are contributed by invited friends, family, and colleagues. The participants are also invited to contribute a short paragraph explaining their choice of image. The images can be sourced from Kapsul image search, personal image libraries, or be an original drawing, illustration, photograph, etc. Each set will contain a maximum of twenty images. The participant is challenged to think of the metaphor, thus direct photographic representations of the individual will not be accepted.

              The Meta Portrait kapsul is an educational project that has been supported by the Emily Carr University. It is part of an experimental thesis project by Elisa Yon, a graduate student at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. ecuad.ca.

              Your participation in the Meta Portrait Kapsul is voluntary and you may choose to stop at any time. By contributing text and images to the Meta Portrait Kapsul you are agreeing to participate.

              In the event that your contributions as a participant are processed and stored in the United States, you are advised that its governments, courts, or law enforcement and regulatory agencies may be able to obtain disclosure of the data through the laws of the United States.
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