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            data capture_Altered States
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              Data capture_Altered States

              Data Capture_Altered States is curated on the premise of connection by association that characterizes online searches. Searching is no longer linear, tracing information back to its primary source, but rather across the surface and branching out in a web of associations. Search engines, such as Google now bring the function of image searches that mirror more closely the way that the human brain works in recognizing patterns and linking information through associative faculties. The navigation of archiving and curating platforms such as Kapsul allow for the bridging between the overwhelming mass of information and the specific; the global and the local.

              State One:
              "Altered States" is entered into the keyword search on Kapsul from which a set of fourteen images are selected. This selection is mediated by my own conceptual filter and formal pattern recognition.

              State Two:
              The initial selected set of images are entered into a Google Image search and the nearest visual match selected and entered into the second state. Only images that allow access via kapsul are used.

              State Three:
              The images from State One and State Two are matched By association to a selection of artworks from the curator’s home country, South Africa. So from the selected (State One) and the random (State Two) emerges a third image selected from a search of artwork by the first artist that came to mind when considering the two images together.

              State Four:
              State Three images are entered back into the Google Image search and added to each image set.

              State Five:
              The Kapsul is now open to invite others to continue adding by association artworks from their own country to each set. Then the curator will process State Five again through Google Image search to upload State 6 and so on…
              The exhibition develops accordingly alternating between virtual communal database and the "database" of memory of the curator/s...

              Katherine Bull
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