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            About Kapsul

            Kapsul is a platform for collaboratively creating collections of images, videos, and texts online. Kapsul aims to help contemporary art curators, artists, educators, and enthusiasts find, organize, and share elements of visual culture in collaborative units called Kapsuls. Kapsuls can be used for planning exhibitions, organizing research, making presentations, or publishing soft exhibitions online.

            Kapsul is a project of the Kadist Art Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco and Paris. The foundation participates in the development of society through contemporary art, collecting and producing the work of artists and conducting various programs to promote their role as cultural agents.

            Kadist's collections include works that reflect the global scope of contemporary art, and its programs develop an active exchange between Kadist's local contexts (Paris, San Francisco) and artists, curators, academics, and art publishers worldwide.

            You can contact the Kapsul team at hello@kapsul.org.

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